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Italian Language Classes 2021 Website Edition

In response to the unique challenges presented by Covid19, the ICS Adult Language Program will continue to offer virtual classes for members and friends of the Society to learn and speak la nostra bella lingua.

Contact Donna Lenzi, Program Coordinator, to register or for information.

ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL CLASSES AND FOR EACH SESSION. Registration begins May 14 for the Summer II Session. This will be the last session of the “seasonal” classes.

Fall Session information will be posted as it becomes available.

Fee: $65 for ICS Members and $75 for non-members.

To register, your email to Donna Lenzi at should include:

1. First and Last Name (for the class roster)
2. Telephone Number (best way to reach you)
3. Course Selection (by name as described below) with Day and Time
4. Membership Status in ICS (Member or Non-Member)
5. Preferred Email Address for your Zoom Invitation

Every effort will be made to ensure that participants are properly placed in a class that offers the “best fit” for their skill set. Information regarding course payment will be included in your confirmation email.  

Course Offerings for Summer Session

May 18 (Tues. classes), May 19 (Wed. classes) or May 20 (Thur. classes). Class size limited to 8.

Italian II/III with Joan Hoffmeister Tuesdays 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. beginning May 25.

Introductory Series focusing on pronunciation, greetings, vocabulary, nouns and essential verbs.
Italian II or equivalent as prerequisite.
Required text: “Italian Made Simple” by Cristina Mazzoni ISBN# 9780767915397 available online $13.00 or less depending on distributor.

Beginner Conversation with Grace Mannino Thursdays 4:30-6:00 beginning May 20

Instructor-led conversation for students who have completed the Intro Series and are ready to put their grammar skills to use in a conversational setting. “Italian Made Simple” by Cristina Mazzoni will be used as a resource. Homework will facilitate classroom conversation.
Prerequisite: Some conversational experience at beginner level

Intermediate Conversation with Joan Hoffmeister Wednesdays 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. beginning May 26

Take your conversation skills to the next level with instructor-led topics using the required text “Uffa” by Concetta Perna. ISBN #978-0-9786016-3-8 available at $28.95 and  as Item FAR638 $30.95. “Read and Think Italian” ISBN# 978-0-07-176365-3 $20 McGraw Hill will also be used in class.
Prerequisite: Beginner Conversation or equivalent

Parlando della Cultura Italiana with Viviana Ardesia Wednesdays 4:30 - 6:15 for 5 classes beginning May 19

This course is an Upper Intermediate/Advanced level conversation course with weekly assigned homework.
Required text: “In viaggio: moving towards fluency in Italian” by Olson, Edwards and Foerster, McGraw Hill, 2003. Available through Amazon and online new and used.
Prerequisite: Intermediate Conversation or equivalent



Our Instructors

Joan Hoffmeister

was born in Italy and moved to Buenos Aires with her family at the age of 5. She grew up speaking Spanish and Italian in the home, and later moved with her family to NY at age 15. With a Masters Degree in Spanish and French from St. John's University, she went on to teach in NY public schools, the Tehran American School and at the British Council in Bahrain. After extensive travel in Europe and the Middle East, Joan moved to Naples, Florida and taught in the public schools where she was awarded Teacher of Distinction from Collier County School System.

Grace Mannino

a native-born Italian, author and educational consultant who received her doctorate at SUNY Stony Brook, brought 33 years of high school and college teaching experience in NY to the ICS program in 2003. In addition to teaching Italian, French and Spanish, Grace was President of the American Association of Teachers of Italian of Long Island, President of Long Island Language Teachers, and a member of numerous committees on the national, state and regional level. Since retiring, Grace's enthusiasm in promoting Italian language and culture has found a new home in Naples.

Nancy Sguera

was born in Italy and moved to the United Sates with her family when she was 12. As an adult, she majored in Italian to continue to learn of her language, heritage and people. After receiving a Masters Degree from CUNY (Queens College), she taught Italian and Spanish in the public school system for 18 years and retired from George W. Hewlett High School in NY in 2008. While teaching, Nancy received scholarships to L'Università per Stranieri di Siena, The Summer Institute of Spanish Language and Culture in Salamanca and the NHE Summer Institute in Rome.

Viviana Ardesia

Viviana Ardesia is a native of Pescara, a tiny city on the Adriatic Sea, where she attended high school in Classical Studies. She has a degree in Literature and Philosophy from the University of Bologna, the oldest university in the world, and a PhD in Italian History from the University of Udine. She has lived in Pisa, Milan and Turin teaching Italian Grammar and Literature at the public school level and History at university for more than 10 years. Viviana moved to Florida recently with her family and is enthusiastic about sharing the language and culture she loves.

Tina Scudelletti

Tina Scudelletti is a native Clevelander who lived in Italy for 10 years and attended public schools there during her formative years. She studied at Mary Mount College in Boca Raton, The American College of Barcelona in Spain and spent her senior year at John Cabot College in Rome, Italy. She received her bachelor’s degree at Notre Dame College of Ohio and Cleveland State University. She was awarded a master’s degree at Grand Canyon University. She has taught foreign languages for 26 years. Her son is a medic in the US Army serving in Germany.

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